We decided to train with Wally and Coastal Canine after our puppy was having severe leash and toy aggression. We had previously looked at similar board and train programs but after speaking with Wally, he not only sold us a less expensive product (six sessions), he wanted us involved with the training as opposed to boarding him. This was the best decision we made, and the trip every week from Boston was well worth the investment. Over the course of the past two months, our dog can heel anywhere on and off leash; he comes when called every single time; we can take a ball or bully stick out of his mouth where previously he would have been extremely defensive and aggressive or snapped at us; and his leash aggression has dramatically improved. Wally's lessons have helped us develop full confidence in our dog and feel proud to take him places instead of worried that he might bite someone. We have seen lasting change in our dog, and could not have done it without his help.

Wally Mattingly