Finding someone to help us train our almost 9 year old rescue Nora wasn't easy. Coming off of a knee surgery because of her strong prey drive (chasing after deer and tearing her CCL) I knew we needed to go back to square one. After having her for 7 years she had become too bold and was clearly the leader of the pack. Not coming when she was called and disappearing on our walks. Her fear aggression was also coming back. When we first adopted Nora she had never been outside in her entire life, she's come a very long way since then but I knew she needed someone who understood her unique needs to train her. That's where Wally came in. From the moment I got on the phone to discuss Nora's (and our) situation I knew Wally was the right fit. His training with Nora has changed our life (and hers). Wally takes the time to get to know you and your dog and gives you both the tools for success. I would recommend his training 1000 times over. And anytime we travel now we board Nora with Wally (and Bandit) and she couldn't be happier. Happy tails all around.

Wally Mattingly