”We came to Wally when Georgia was one years old and suddenly decided that she hated our boat. As soon as the engines turned on, Georgia would panic and cry. We tried everything to soothe her, but nothing helped. We used the boat less because Georgia goes everywhere with us. The season passed and the next summer we upgraded our boat, this time with an enclosure, hoping that Georgia would be OK as long as she had a place to go inside. This was not the case. Cue Wally.

Wally came on the boat with us the very next day to assess the situation. He worked with Georgia to get her to understand what the boat was all about and to make it a happy place for her. In conjunction, he worked with Georgia on land to teach her skills that that transferred to her time on the boat. Wally was always available for questions I had (and I had them!) and Georgia loves him. In a very short period of time, Georgia’s whole attitude on the boat changed, and it was amazing to watch her little mind click.

Today, Georgia is a true boat dog and is 100% relaxed and happy on the boat, even when we are moving quickly underway. Thank you, Wally!”

Wally Mattingly