When we got Camden at 8 weeks old we signed up for a ‘puppy kindergarten’ and quickly figured out that we needed something more personalized to her breed, a German shorthaired pointer. Luckily, we found Wally and he made navigating through those first few puppy months so much easier.

When we met him the first time we could tell right away from his puppy voice that we made the right decision. He also made us get rid of the clicker, which was a huge relief. We learned how important the right words are, along with the right timing.

We knew that Camden was capable of a lot due to her breed, but we only had a short wish list of commands that we wanted her to know. At the top of that list was being trained off leash and coming when called. Now, with Wally’s assistance, she knows more commands than we thought were possible. Not only does she come when called, but she could be half a mile away and will always run full speed when she hears the word “here”. She is also amazing on heel. We can walk across the street to the park with no leash and she will not leave our sides.

Most importantly, he trained my wife (who had never had a dog before) and I to be persistent and take charge of each command. He built a solid foundation on marker training, and set us up for success to continue building on that to increase her skill set.

Everyone always says, “give a pointer a job”. With Wally’s help and consistent training, we have actually been able to give Camden an official job flushing geese from properties in Newport. You can call her the “geese police”.

Wally Mattingly