“By 6 months old, Atlas was off leash trained and walking on a perfect heel, which were my two biggest goals for him. He also will go to his “place” when I ask him, which was really important for keeping him safe in the kitchen because I cook all day. Wally created the most solid foundation for Atlas that we use and sharpen every day. I say “we” because I learned quickly that I was the one that needed to be trained, even more than Atlas did.

Using the right words, and creating an understanding through positive reinforcement and consistency was super key. Wally trained me to be my dog’s trainer, which was invaluable to me as I’ve raised him.

I bought a package of training sessions with Wally when Atlas was only a few months old. Each week Atlas would look forward to Wally coming through the front door and I felt like I was not only training him but planning time for Atlas that I knew he would enjoy, like a treat activity! Atlas would rush to the door to kiss Wally’s face and then when Wally told him it was time to “work” he would sharpen his stance and get focused to listen. I loved watching as the little light bulb turned on for him when he figured out each of Wally’s training exercises. You could really see his excitement when he did something right each time Wally exclaimed “Yes!”.

My favorite thing learned from training with Wally: Atlas makes eye contact with me. He looks in my eyes to see what I want, sometimes I don’t even need to say anything and he knows to go in his crate, or sit, or be calm. It’s unbelievable! He is always studying ME and he just wants to please me (which is funny because I feel the same towards him.) I think this means that he really knows how to learn, and so he is always learning by watching me. I had Atlas working with Wally since he was only a couple months old, so they have spent a lot of time together.

In terms of the money, it is worth every penny. Every session I saw improvement. And when I didn’t right away, the improvement came when Atlas was ready (because he knew the words and decided when he was ready to use them, of course.) My dog is a joy to be around, and he has great manors. He listens! We are so lucky to have been able to work with Wally and highly recommend his training methods to anyone that wants the best trainer there is for their pup!”

Wally Mattingly